On October 29, 2014 AGI Founder Harriet Prichard passed away. She dedicated her life to
serve the millions in need around the world.

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ANNOUNCEMENT The 2013-2014 Alternative Gifts International Annual Board Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 25, 2014 at 8:30am Located at 1103 N. Topeka, Wichita, KS 67214 The meeting is open to the public.


Congratulations to Nancy Lande for organizing Montana's first Alternative Gift Market! 

Check out the new story:  http://www.nbcmontana.com/news/alternative-market-aims-to-offer-meaningful-gifts-this-holiday-season/-/14594602/22891100/-/11qema9z/-/index.html.


We are proud to announce that Judith Pasco, founder of our partner
agency Mujeres De Maiz (Project 9), has published "Somewhere for my soul to go", a 
book about Judith's journey to creating the non-profit we support and love. 

Thank you Judith for giving AGI a special feature on pages 1, 156 and 157.

Page 156 & 157

Quote from page 1

To purchase your copy email Judith Pasco at pasco@olypen.com




News and photos from our partner, Mujeres De Maiz,
 featured Project 9 in our 2012-13 catalog.



"Greeting, Thought I'd send you an update. Linda and I had a very productive trip to Chiapas and since then exciting things are afoot. A "green" building is envisioned, using recycled materials. The building will be multi-use and hopefully self-sustaining. Fingers crossed that this goes through.

And second, I am delighted to announce that we are funding composting double-chambered latrines for 28 families (total) in 3 municipalities. This should be a one-year project. The project includes two workshops, the first on the hygienic advantages and construction basics, and the second on maintenance. The project also includes materials and expert help.  The receiving families will fund the exterior walls and agree to a "toilet check" every 6 months for 2 years to assure that proper maintenance is understood and being carried out.  I personally am delighted with this. Many families have nothing but a hole in the cornfield.  

I am attaching photos: one of girls in the Zinacantan Saturday program, one of women sporting their new glasses, and the 3rd of women at the bi-monthly reunion hearing a talk on domestic violence.

All for now. Pat is still doing amazingly well. I saw her the other night at our Gratitude Corn Feed."

Cheers, Judith



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                                                          INSPIRED YOUTH MAKING GREAT MOVES FOR GOOD!

Alternative Gifts aren’t just for Christmas. This year, as a Lenten discipline, the students of St. Michael Catholic in Suring, WI and St. John Catholic in Gillett, WI bought anti-parasitic treatments for children around the world. They raised a total of $1,482.07 (enough to treat 247 families) by doing chores, skipping snacks and raiding their own savings. We’re so excited by the hearts of these young people - Great Job!

Students from the parishes of St. Michael Catholic in Suring, WI and St. John Catholic in Gillett, WI show off
 the baby bottles they filled with change that they collected earned or donated to raise money to
 purchase anti-parasitic treatments for children around the world.


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