1 Stability for Farming Families
In Ethiopia, famine and illness have orphaned an estimated 5 million children. Malnutrition caused by limited food variety is a major threat to Ethiopian lives. Nearly all are subsistence farmers and few have the opportunity to pursue goals beyond immediate survival. The Kembata-Temboro region, within Ethiopia is one of the most famished areas in the world. Here, years of civil war and drought have robbed people of their livelihoods.

Through HOLT INTERNATIONAL’s Family Preservation & Economic Strengthening Project, families receive livestock, high-yield seeds and grain. Cows provide milk and donkeys transport goods to market. Chickens produce eggs for consumption, and pigs can be bred and sold. Your gift gives families a stable food source and healthy future.


$220 A cow, donkey or pig as needed by an Ethiopian family
$55 Chicks and seed

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