Create a Small Family Farm

A small family farm provides income, stability and hope for poor Haitian families.

Good nutrition is one of the most important parts of a child’s early development, but many Haitian families continue to struggle with hunger and poverty.  Protein rich foods are not easily accessible, leading to malnutrition in one-third of women and children.  

Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH) works to transform lives through a long-term, community driven, sustainable approach to hunger and poverty. Goats, turkeys and bees produce diverse products that are highly valued. Families are trained to care for and breed animals, which go on to provide nutritious food, support their households and contribute to the community. Each family must “pay it forward” by passing on livestock to other poor families, or selling them to support the local school.



$99 Help a family start a farm (a goat, a trio of turkeys or a beehive)
$28 A share of livestock & training

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