10 Teaching 'Untouchables' a Trade

Girls born into the Dalit caste have three strikes against them – rural isolation, societal discrimination, and lack of opportunities for education.

The only jobs available are the least desirable for these members of India’s lowest social class, also known as untouchables. Women often work 12 hours a day in the fields, earning the equivalent of $1 US dollar per day. The INDIA PARTNERS Tailoring Schools project gives Dalit women an opportunity to learn a valuable skill. Upon completion of the program women can earn almost 21/2 times what they could earn as field hands. Moreover, a home-based business enables a mother to care for her children instead of leaving them alone while she works in the fields. Your gift gives a mother a means to provide for her family and educate her children.


$105 One Sewing machine for a woman
$17 Tuition for one month of business training for a woman

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