Tailoring Schools for Dalit Women

A sewing machine and tailoring lessons can give Dalit women a dignified trade.


Girls born into India’s lowest social class, the Dalit (Untouchables) have three strikes against them. First, they are born in rural areas.  Second, they are outcast by society. The types of jobs Dalits may hold are the least desirable and worst paid. Third, according to India’s most recent census, less than half of India’s female population age 15 and older, continue their education.

Tailoring schools supported by India Partners (IP), give Dalit women the opportunity to learn the valuable skill of sewing.  Unlike mothers that work 12 hours a day in the fields, a home-based sewing business enables a mother to care for her children, while earning a decent living wage.

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$110 A sewing machine for a new graduate
$21 Sewing lessons for 1 woman for 1 month

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