13 Tummy Worms No More!

A gift of anti-parasite medicine heals a child of intestinal worms and keep them healthy.


Intestinal worms thrive where malnutrition, inadequate sanitation, and poor health care exist. Infestation, even at low levels, hinders proper physical and mental development. Persistent infestation puts children at risk for cancer of the bladder, liver fibrosis and kidney failure as adults.


Children Of Vietnam (COV) partners with Vietnamese schools and health departments to provide semi-annual check-ups and oral medication for intestinal parasite elimination. These crucial check-ups keep Vietnamese school children happy, educated, and parasite-free.



Photo by Richard Brummett, a Veteran of the war in Vietnam

$197 Health check-ups and parasite medicine for an entire elementary school
$6 Health check-ups and parasite medicine for two elementary school classes

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