Rescue and Restore Victims of Sex Trafficking
Dominican Republic, India, The Philippines

Help rescue and restore victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

Throughout the developing world, the threat of violence is a part of everyday life for the poor. Sex trafficking is a particularly devastating threat to millions of the world’s poor. Today, there are an estimated two million children exploited in the commercial sex trade worldwide. Sex trafficking is most pervasive in countries with broken justice systems, where perpetrators know they will not face any significant consequences for their crimes.

International Justice Mission (IJM) works alongside local authorities on targeted anti-sex trafficking projects. They work to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, provide counseling to survivors, and strengthen justice systems to create a safe future that lasts.

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Photo: IJM

$55 Help rescue a sex trafficking victim
$33 An aftercare package for a survivor of sex trafficking (clothing, toiletries, comfort toys for young

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