15 'Hugging Grannies" for Orphans
Precious little girls, given up at birth due to China’s one-child policy, make up 90% of China’s orphans. Until 2001, these baby girls were “warehoused” in huge, cold, and silent rooms. Without a tender-loving touch and human interaction, they never develop the ability to bond with adoptive parents – a deficiency that can never be overcome.

In 2001, CHINA CONNECTION (CC) and Amity Foundation created the “Hugging Grannies” program. They recruited retired medical personnel “Hugging Grannies”, to come to orphanages daily to hug, hold, and cuddle these adorable little ones. Love-starved children respond immediately. Today, the program has spread to 65 orphanages across China, and adoptive parents take home children who respond to their affection and eagerly love them back. Through your gift, these children will grow up emotionally whole, able to give and receive love.

$55 One month of Hugging Granny time
$17 One week of Hugging Granny time

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