Traveling Medics Save Lives
Burma (Myanmar)

Medic teams take the dangerous journey through Burma’s jungles to save the lives of refugees.

For years, the Burmese military has targeted and tried to eliminate minority communities like the Karen, in east Burma. Over 1 million people have been displaced, forced to flee their homes, and leave their possessions behind to seek sanctuary in the jungles. Isolated and without medical care, 1 in 10 infants do not survive to their 1st birthday and 1 in 12 mothers will not survive childbirth.

Burma Humanitarian Mission (BHM) helps equip medics to treat sick and injured isolated villagers, and internally displaced persons in hiding. The army’s continued military attacks in northern Burma cause thousands of villagers to flee each month. The goal of the project is to provide 1.2 million doses of medicine and 60,000 pieces of medical supplies to support 16 total medic teams. With this support, we can reduce infant, child and maternal mortality by 50-75%. 



$9 Backpack filled with medicine for a team (1 day supply)
$1 35 Doses of medicine

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