Bikes Bring Learning & Medicine
Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania & Zambia

In remote villages, a bike ensures the sick can be reached for medical care and students can reach school.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the lack of transport is a critical impediment to accessing healthcare and education.  In remote villages, where the nearest clinic can be 12 miles away, families try to make do without. In a place where the average HIV infection rate in villages can exceed 30%, access to healthcare is critical. Likewise, children and teachers struggle to travel to school on a consist basis.  The most marginalized in this equation are women and children. 

Bicycles for Humanity (BFH) is changing the world two wheels at a time.  Bikes can be used by healthcare workers to reach patients needing care, but too distant from the nearest clinic. They also allow children and their teachers to attend school every day.


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