17 Well Babies, Well Moms.

With your gift expectant moms and newborns receive lifesaving pre and post natal care.


Help bring ultrasound screenings and care for high risk pregnant women and their newborns in Mayan rural areas of Guatemala, where there is no access to basic health care  services. Maternal and child mortality rates are still extremely high in rural Huehuetenango, where PCI’s Casa Materna is located. For example, for every 1,500 pregnant women, nearly 30 die in childbirth.


You can make a difference by helping PCI’s Casa Materna provide Mayan women with healthcare, medicine and education during their pregnancy and postpartum period. Since 2000, the program has supported over 13,000 safe deliveries, is working closely with over  300 certified traditional midwives, and improved the survival rate of premature and low weight newborns by teaching parents the Kangaroo Mother Care method (skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby).


$236 One week of intensive care for a premature newborn.
$33 Ultrasound screening for a pregnant mother

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