Safe Motherhood KitsTM
DR Congo, Haiti, S. Sudan

In developing countries, the difference between life and death for an expectant mother and her baby can be a Safe Motherhood KitTM.


Every minute, a woman dies from complications of pregnancy or childbirth. According to the World Health Organization, for every woman who dies in childbirth, 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease—and their children suffer with them. An IMA World Health (IMA) Safe Motherhood Kit™ provides clean and sterile birthing supplies to expectant mothers in developing countries—where unsafe birthing conditions in tent cities and makeshift clinics contribute to high infant and maternal mortality rates.

Every mother and child deserves a safe birth. Each Safe Motherhood Kit™ contains essential clean and sterile supplies including gloves, an umbilical tie, a scalpel, gauze pads, plastic sheeting, a bar of soap, a washcloth and baby supplies (a hat, tunic and blanket) to keep the newborn infant warm.

$110 Four Safe Motherhood Kits
$28 One Safe Motherhood Kits

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