Wheelchairs for Independence & Dignity

To a disabled person, a wheelchair means freedom to engage in the community.


According to the World Health Organization, over 100 million disabled people need a wheelchair, but do not have the means to obtain one. Over 80% of these disabled individuals live in developing countries. The disabled poor are forced to crawl, must wait to be carried, or remain bedridden. They are dependent on others for basic needs. Families in poverty strain to care for disabled loved ones. Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) provides wheelchairs, free of charge, to disabled individuals and their families. Since 2001, FWM has placed over 937,100 wheelchairs in 93 countries across the globe, with a goal of placing one million wheelchairs by 2017. The wheelchairs are life-changing, not only because they provide mobility, but they allow a disabled person to participate fully in society - giving independence, hope and dignity.

$172 Send 2 Wheelchairs
$86 Send 1 Wheelchairs

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