19 Backpacks Full of Medicine

Send medicine to refugees in Burma’s isolated jungles.


Your gift will deliver emergency trauma care and medical services to the refugees in hiding. More than one million of Burma's ethnic minorities have fled their homes because of ethnic cleansing campaigns launched against them by their government. Malaria is a threat to the refugees, especially children and pregnant women. In the jungle, they encounter disease and malnutrition. As a result, 1 in 12 expectant mothers dies as a result of their pregnancy while 1 in 7 children under age 5 die of chronic disease.


Burma Humanitarian Mission (BHM) addresses this critical need by equipping backpack medics who trek through dangerous regions near the Thai-Burma border, risking their lives to provide medical services to the refugees.



$25 Anti-malarial treatment for 5 pregnant women saving 10 lives
$1 Fourty Doses of Medicine

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