19 Warmth and Comfort for the Sick
North Korea
Since 1990, famine and disease have claimed the lives of more than 1 million North Koreans. Numerous others have been left suffering from chronic malnutrition and diseases such as tuberculosis. Many patients spend months or even years at care facilities that lack heat and adequate bedding. Temperatures plunge well below zero in the winter, so keeping patients warm is critical to their care and recovery.

CHRISTIAN FRIENDS OF KOREA (CFK) provides high-density foam mats to both cushion and insulate patients, who prefer to sleep on the floor in keeping with Korean tradition. A warm blanket and mat help patients rest, and speed recovery. Your gift provides comfort and a place for healing for the sick.


$220 Sleeping mats, blankets for 4 patients.
$58 A sleeping mat and blanket for one adult or one child.

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