Blankets, Coats and Socks for Children
Tibetan Plateau, China

Warm clothes and a cozy blanket can help rural children stay focused on learning in a cold climate.


High on the Tibetan plateau, the poorest villagers live on less than $100 a year. Rural children are often sent to boarding schools due to the vast distances between villages. Many arrive to school with little more than the clothes on their backs, their hands and feet chapped red due to the extreme cold-- which can reach as low as -13F in the winter.

Love Without Boundaries (LWB) works with schools in this region to ensure that students are given access to healthy living and learning conditions by providing items to combat the frigid winter conditions. LWB has contracted with local sheep herders and tailors to purchase wool to be made into mattresses and traditional Tibetan coats called zhubas, which also serve as blankets, and provide protection against the harsh winters.

$55 Complete warmth kit for 1 Tibetan child (socks, coat, mattress)
$21 One wool mattress for a child

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