Water for South Sudan
S. Sudan


South Sudan, the world’s newest country struggling for democracy, is also one of the world’s poorest countries. The basic human need for access to clean, safe water is not being met for people living in remote, rural villages. The role of fetching water lies with the women and girls who walk miles to gather water from the only sources available-- polluted streams and rivers.

Water for South Sudan (WFSS) works in the most remote areas, bringing fresh water wells to those living in extreme poverty. There is very little electricity and even dirt roads are often nonexistent. WFSS is also committed to the inclusion of all people in its work and to make clean water and improved hygiene accessible to all, while honoring the privacy and dignity of all the people they serve.


$110 Supplies to install a water well (incl. pipes, drilling equipment, pump)
$55 One water pump

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