Protect the Orangutan's Home
Indonesia/Asia Pacific

Protecting rainforests is our best defense from the effects of a rapidly changing climate.


Indonesia’s tropical rainforest is very important for our planet: It provides oxygen for us to breathe, it helps cool the planet, and it is home to one of the most endangered primates on Earth—the Orangutan. More than 80% of the world’s Orangutans rely on Indonesia’s lush tropical rainforest for survival. The forest is also home to rural communities who depend on it for food and medicine. Industrial timber mining and the rapidly growing palm oil industry are destroying Indonesia’s rainforest faster than anywhere on earth, which will impact 99% of ape habitat in Asia by at the current rate of development by 2030.

The Nature Conservancy
(TNC) works to protect 25 million acres of Orangutan forest. With your support, they can create healthy forests and protect Orangutans by preserving their natural habitat. Protecting these forests is humankind’s best opportunity to safeguard all from the escalating effects of climate change and ensuring the survival of the Orangutan.



$20 Protects 10 acres of the Orangutan’s Forest
$2 Protects 1 acre of the Orangutan’s Forest

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