Help Refugee Women and Children in Crisis
Syria's Border Countries

"One of the worst things about being a refugee is feeling invisible. If something horrible happened to me, no one would know about it.” -
                                                                                      Syrian woman refugee

As insecurity and violence continue to cause displacement within Syria and across the region, more than 4 million Syrians are registered as refugees, the world’s largest refugee population since the end of World War II. Women, who account for the majority of Syrian refugees, are disproportionately affected by such displacement because they are left to care for the most vulnerable, including children. Syrian children face an uncertain future-- most have not received any education for the last four years and are at risk of becoming a “lost generation.”

MADRE, in partnership with the Syrian Women’s League (SWL), is supporting a school in Al Biqa, Lebanon where refugee women and children are provided an education, art therapy, psychosocial support, access to health services and the skills they need to create a stable future.


$66 Art supplies and counseling for one year for 10 Syrian refugee children
$7 A week’s supply of food for a Syrian refugee family

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