Trained Teachers = Better Students

Where you are born and what circumstances you are born into,
should not be a barrier to receiving a quality education.

In rural areas of developing countries, children cannot get a quality education even at the most basic, foundational level of preschool or elementary school—especially girls.

Teach for Life (TFL) has developed a system to overcome that obstacle. Utilizing new technologies, TFL develops and shares digital teacher training lessons through on-the-ground networks in developing countries. This system enables highly trained and skilled teachers to share their knowledge with teachers in need of training—in their native language. People around the world are joining talents in this initiative—motivated by a simple but powerful vision: to break the chains of poverty through education!



 “There are only two ways our children can escape poverty: at their funeral, or through education.”
                                                                   ~a village elder

$33 Train Teachers in Global Classrooms

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