Milk & Cookies to End Malnutrition
Guatemala & Haiti

With proper nutrition these children can become healthy and thrive.

Haiti and Guatemala have some of the highest rates of malnutrition. Children under the age of five with malnourished mothers are the most vulnerable group. Many are born with medical complications and continue in a life of undernourishment that impacts their growth, development, immune systems, learning and memory.  Protein rich foods are not easily accessible, leading to malnutrition in one-third of women and children.  

Partners in Development (PID) has tailored this project to fit each child’s needs. This might mean specially formulated nutritional cookies packed with protein and vitamins, or daily cooked meals.  

Wislain (pictured left) suffered severe malnourishment and received treatment for two years to get to a healthy weight. Children are seen by medical staff free of charge. Their lives are transformed as they are able to thrive and grow.  



$22 Milk & nutritious cookies for two malnourished children for a week
$14 One clinic visit for a malnourished child (incl. medication and lab work)

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