A Better Life for Orphans

“When I was 10 years old and I came to Kids Kingdom I didn’t know anything … I learned to read and write and to play sports. I would like to study architecture in college to become an architect” - Raul.


The Kid’s Kingdom orphanage provides abandoned, neglected children with stability, love and support they need to thrive. When Raul and his little sister, Alejandra (pictured), arrived at Kids Kingdom orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico, they had never attended a day of school. Raul was robbed of any kind of childhood after his father abandoned them and his mother passed away.  At age 10, Raul became the head of the household and took care of his sister, Alejandra who has muscular dystrophy. 

A local church brought Raul and Alejandra to Kid’s Kingdom and gave them a chance to experience childhood.  International Relief Teams (IRT) is committed to helping vulnerable  children like these, so they can have a chance at a successful future.


$44 Feed a child for one month
$11 Educate a child for one month

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