Give India's Forgotten Children a Future

Without help, the odds of survival for India’s street children are grim.


There are many reasons a child ends up living on the streets.  In India, children might escape to the streets to be free of abuse or neglect, or they might be abandoned by their caregivers. A lack of access to adequate food and shelter leaves them extremely vulnerable to disease and further abuse.

Project Concern International (PCI) helps keep children off the streets through its shelter home and vocational training center. By providing life skills training, education and healthcare, children are prepared to attend public schools. Vocational training equips young adults, primarily girls, with the skills they need to pursue post-secondary education and secure apprenticeships and formal employment. For the past 15 years, this program has transformed the lives of more than 60,000 of India’s most vulnerable children and youth.

$72 Food and emergency shelter for one street kid for one month
$28 Life skills education for 10 street children

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